Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The clipping/torching is over

Finally done with the miserable job of torching the breds for the Western Exposure. Now to pictures and videos! Nearly 150 head sell first Saturday in January in Dunlap, IA.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

More Calves for Sale!

Here's some pics and videos of calves that weren't in the sale.  They are a little greener, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.  They are really nice cattle and will fit in anyone's budget. Call for more info Trevor 208-880-7676
Tag 13 Monopoly x I-80 (ET) $2000

Tag 14 Monopoly x I-80 (ET) $2000

Tag 21 I-80 x Maine $1200
No Video

Tag 46 Monopoly x Whiskey (ET) $2500

Tag 49 MAB x Simmental $1750

Lot 55 Safe & Sound x Meyer $2500
Lot 66 MAB x Jakes Proud Jazz $2000

Lot 71 Choppin Wood x Meyer $1500
No Video

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pics and videos soon to come.

I've just gave a final sort at the feedlot and got a handful of steers left. Stay tuned for pics and videos.

I saw this awesome dog today, and trust me the steers are better looking then him!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Schedule of events

Here's a run down....anyone coming into town Friday please come over and enjoy some tri-tip around 6pm.  We will have a great meal and cattle will all be on display for your approval.
Sale is obviously Saturday.  Cattle we be available for viewing after 8 am (it's not light before then!) I'm hoping for any bidding that will take place will begin early and end between 11:30 and noon...Carne Asada dinner will follow at the conclusion of the sale and we will get you on the road! Please call with any questions. Trevor Roche 208.880.7676

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Donation Help Needed.

For the last few years we have been donating a few calves to families in need.  We have been able to do this quietly without many knowing.  The problem I have this year is that I have asked tons of people for a family or individual that could use the help and nobody has an answer...So I am opening it up to our followers.  If anyone knows of a family that could use the help please let me know via email (  Email me with details to their story and any additional information you see fit.  NOTHING is required of the family in need.  The calf is free 100%.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Added Lot #83

Another example of the quality we are offering...Here's an added lot (#83) I brought from the feedlot today.  He was too hairy to tell what we had, but after mowing him out we found a pretty nice calf.

Sale info

Here's some important info for the sale this weekend....

- Sale address is 21635 Ten Davis Rd. Parma, ID 83660 - Trailer parking is available

- If you are coming in Friday and need a motel room please contact me. I have a block of rooms reserved and would love to pay for it to show appreciation for taking the effort to come!

- Tri-Tip dinner will be served Friday night

- Authentic Mexican Dinner will be offered after the sale Saturday, prepared by my good friends the Gonzalez Family

- Gas Money Guarantee...If you're not impressed, I'll pay for your whole trip!

- The sale is simple and stress free.  Everyone will be assigned a bidder number.  All the calves will be priced.  If you find a calf you like in your budget you can place your bidder number on him on the bid board and he's yours!  In the event that another person likes your calf they are able to increase the bid by $100 increments.  If you are outbid you can jump to any other calf in the offering or increase the bid on that particular calf.  Nothing is sold until this is complete.  If you are outbid we allow time to go back into the cattle, evaluate them and come back with a plan.  Its the most low stress, methodical sale one will ever attend.  Please call with any questions

Please come no earlier then 8am on Saturday.  Its not light enough to see anything before then!  The sale usually is over by 11:30ish.

- Trevor Roche 208-880-7676